ISSN 1817-2172, рег. Эл. № ФС77-39410, ВАК

Differential Equations and Control Processes
(Differencialnie Uravnenia i Protsesy Upravlenia)

The Thermophoresis of the Evaporating Sphere in the Binary Gas Mixture Taking into Account Thermodiffusion and Stefan Effects


S. N. D'yakonov

Russia, 300015, Oryol
Oryol State University

A. N. Nikolsky

Russia, 300015, Oryol
Oryol State University


In this article the theory of the uniform thermophoretical motion of the big evaporating aerozol particle with a phase transformation on the surface for one of the components of the binary gas mixture is considered. The solution of this problem help to evaluate the influence of the evaporating coefficient on the thermophoresis velocity taking into account volume thermodiffusion and Stefan effects.

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