ISSN 1817-2172, рег. Эл. № ФС77-39410, ВАК

Differential Equations and Control Processes
(Differencialnie Uravnenia i Protsesy Upravlenia)

On a Computer Oriented Method of the Calculation of the Spectrum of the Function Averaging


George Sergeevich Osipenko

Branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University in Sevastopol.
Sevastopol, st. Heroes of Sevastopol, 7
Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor


A discrete dynamical system and a continuous function are considered. Averaging over a periodic pseudotrajectory is the average value of the function for the period. The limit set of averages values over periodic pseudotrajectories is called the spectrum of the function averaging. It is known that the spectrum consists of segments, and each segment is generated by a component of the chain-recurrent set. A computer oriented method is presented that allows one to calculate the spectrum of averaging. The example of calculation of the Morse spectrum is considered.



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