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On Erdelyi-Kober Cubic Fractional Integral Equation of Urysohn-Volterra Type


Hamed Kamal Awad

Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Sciences, Damanhour University, Egypt

Mohamed Abdalla Darwish

Department of Mathematics,
Faculty of Sciences, Damanhour University, Egypt


Cubic integral equations is the general form of the quadratic integral equations which have several applications in the theory of radiative transfer, in the traffic theory, in the theory of particle transport and in the kinetic theory of gases. In this paper, we present a result on the existence of solutions of the perturbed Erdelyi-Kober fractional cubic integral equation of Uryshon-Volterra type in the Banach space of real functions which are defined, continuous and bounded on an unbounded interval. In order to prove our main result we use the Darbo fixed point theorem and a measure of noncompactness.

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