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Schrödinger Differential Equation and Wave Pockets for Elementary Particles in the Minkowski Spaces


Zoran Majkic

International Society for Research in Science and Technology,
PO Box 2464
Tallahassee, FL 32316 - 2464


In this paper we presented the partial differential equations for the wave-pockets in the Minkowski 4-dimensional spaces, and their relationship with the Schr¨odinger equation for the elementary particles[7]. In this paper we show that the Schr¨odinger equation does not describe the propagation of a single wave-pocket of an elementary particle but to the stream of particles.

Because of that it has only a statistical meaning that can be applied to the stream of particles, and only its probabilistic interpretation to a single particle is well founded. That is, it is not a wave description of a single particle, but represents only its probabilistically determined position in a given space.

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